Friday, March 21, 2014

Scott's Surgery

​Scott is out of surgery, and everything went well. We started ​early this morning at 6am, and it took a couple hours to get everything prepped for surgery. They didn't actually start operating until about 9:40am, and the nurse called a couple of times throughout the surgery to let us know everything was going okay. Around 2:00pm they finished surgery and moved Scott into the ICU.

​We visited with Dr. Jensen for a few minutes after the surgery. He said everything went smoothly and as well as it could have. They were able to remove the entire tumor, which is great news. When they performed the in-operative MRI, they were able to see a small portion that was missed and they were able to get it out without any problems.

​They still need to determine what stage of tumor he had. Dr. Jensen will meet with a team of doctors on Wednesday to review the test results of the tumor and decide on a treatment plan for him moving forward. We are hoping he won't need further treatment, but he may need chemo or radiation if the tumor is a higher stage.​

​Right now, Scott is in a lot of pain and very tired. He told the nurses he only wanted me to be in the room with him at this point. He's not up to visitors right now, but might be in the next day or two. He's having a hard time finding his words, but they said that is to be expected with the swelling from the surgery. The nurses come in every hour and ask him some questions. It's a little frustrating for him right now - you can tell he knows the answers, but he just can't say the words.

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers. Scott and I feel very supported and loved at this time, and we are so grateful for all of you. Hopefully Scott will have a quick recovery and we will continue to hope for the best news as we wait to hear from Dr. Jensen on Wednesday.

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