Tuesday, March 18, 2014


After taking some time to think about the timing of the surgery and the doctors, we've decided to move forward with Scott's surgery this week. ​We're confident both surgeons would do a good job, but we decided we felt best about going with Dr. Jensen at the Huntsman Cancer Center. It was quite the process trying to get everything coordinated with our insurance, but yesterday everything came together and we feel good about our decision moving forward. 

Yesterday, Scott was able touch base with his teachers and tie up some loose ends with work. Scott's teachers have been very understanding of Scott's situation, and one of his teachers has decided to give him his current grade. His other teacher is still deciding whether he will either give him his current grade as well or allow him to take an incomplete and finish up course work when he is recovered. Dr. Smith has also allowed Scott to take off the time he needs from work. The week after Scott had his seizure, he had an exam in one of his classes, and he found out yesterday that he scored the highest in the class! I think he's amazing. Not too shabby, especially considering everything he was going through at the time.

Today we are at U of U for most of the day. Scott just went in for his fMRI, which should take a couple hours. We were hoping the tasks they would have him do during the MRI would be things like - 'eat this slice or pizza,' 'watch this movie,' or 'play candy crush'- but, no luck. He'll be doing things like moving his thumb for 4 minutes and filling in sentence blanks. Once he finishes up his MRIs, he will have a pre-op appointment later this afternoon.

Scott's surgery is scheduled to take place on Friday. We don't know the time yet - they've told us to call Thursday afternoon to find out when he is scheduled.

Again, we have been so blessed to have so many wonderful family, friends, and ward members helping, fasting, and praying for us. We love you all and have felt your love and support!

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